About Toppazzini and Lee Consulting

“We are the only consulting company that offers free 1 year support”

Not all consulting companies are the same, Toppazzini and Lee Consulting (T&L) is different.  You want to work with process improvement and lean six sigma industry experts that:

  1. Are dedicated to your success;
  2. Deliver excellence;
  3. Generate amazing returns;
  4. Stand beside you until your successful;

Than you want to work with T&L.

"Toppazzini and Lee identified over $2M in process improvements for two major order-to-cash processes. They aligned these improvements to new corporate strategies and helped develop the business case to have these improvements implemented. Toppazzini and Lee is innovative, driven to produce high quality results, and has proven to be an excellent investment." 

Our Commitment

It’s our binding agreement that promises your organization will achieve enhanced capacities, greater efficiencies and improved processes through our innovative approaches to Lean Six Sigma. Most incredibly, your staff will actually be motivated to build on the Lean Six Sigma lessons we’ll teach them. It’s the motivation built on the realization that even with changing priorities and unpredictable workloads, every daily task can be completed during regular hours if your new organizational change model is followed and allowed to grow in appropriate increments and directions.

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“Finally…a Guarantee that Means Something!”

Unfortunately the term guarantee is a tainted word in today’s consumer lexicon. Doesn’t it seem like every organization from Mom and Pop outfits to large corporations offer some form of guarantee? But what is a guarantee? What does it mean to a business and what does is mean to a consumer…

T&L Consulting defines our guarantee as an assurance of fulfillment based on conditions imposed by the client.

It’s simple – we do what we say we’re going to do and we don’t stop until you’re satisfied that the project is complete. You’ll know because your employees will stop asking for overtime approvals, your positive service indicators will increase multiple percentage points and your profits will jump because of your new streamlined processes.

Each case is different, but the guarantee is the same…a measurable numeric improvement in your organization's performance and processes. Check our services page to discover exactly how we’ll deliver on our guarantee of performance success.

“A Vocabulary of Truth and Simplicity Will Be of Service Throughout Your Life”
– Winston Churchill – Statesman

There is immeasurable wisdom in speaking plainly. That philosophy is what led T&L Consulting to our pay on performance strategy. Our clients don’t have time for obfuscation and grandstanding, they want results. That’s what we guarantee to provide, it’s a roadmap to greater success.

Is that what you’re looking for?

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