Client Testimonials

At T&L Consulting we measure success by the only thing that matters, tangible, measurable results for our clients! We're not above pinning medals on our chest... but only after you've achieved the outstanding Lean Six Sigma results we guaranteed you at the outset of your project.
“Kyle identified over $2M in process improvements for two major order-to-cash processes. Kyle aligned these improvements to new corporate strategies and helped develop the business case to have these improvements implemented. Kyle is innovative, driven to produce high quality results, and has proven to be an excellent investment. “

- Jason Maher, Director, Order to Cash, Process Improvement, Canada Post Corporation

"Working with Kyle was incredibly valuable as he provided an "outsider's" perspective on our business. T&L Consulting (through Kyle) picked apart our processes and challenged our usual way of doing things. Because of this, we looked hard at our long-held beliefs about how we should operate and realized there are fresh, new options available. Undoubtedly, as we implement the changes Kyle recommended, we will realize significant cost and staff-time savings and we will be much more focused and measured in how we operate. Overall, Kyle was very professional and thorough. I would say he is a true expert in the areas of process improvement and efficiencies. Great Results, Expert, On Time"

- Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

“Mr. Toppazzini successfully developed, for the first time in the organization, a performance indicator template – a “dashboard” – which managers at all levels found accessible & extremely useful in meeting their individual objectives and contributing to corporate goals.”

- Michael Hutton, Former CEO, Passport Canada

“Toppazzini and Lee completed an in-depth business analysis of our organization’s key priorities. The study provides Senior Management with the necessary integration of management information to support decision making.”

- Ronald Vadeboncoeur, Director Public Works and Government Services Canada

“Kyle developed a performance measurement scorecard that was exactly what we needed. It was simple and intuitive and the performance measures he developed provided relevant and timely information executives needed to support sound decision-making.”

- Yves Vaillancourt, Chief Audit Executive, Foreign Affairs and International Trade

“When it comes to performance measurement Kyle is the person you want to see.”

- Steve Slaby, Acting Deputy Director, PWGSC

“Working with Kyle was an enjoyable experience. He had the vision and the plan from day 1 to lead us to our objectives but rather than carrying out his plan he worked with the entire team to ensure that everyone was part of the solution. At the end of the day Kyle not only delivered the results he promised he built capacity. “

- Canada Post Corporation