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15 Objectives for your Lean Six Sigma Projects in 2013

Posted by kyle toppazzini on Mon, Dec 31, 2012

lean sic sigma, sigma, lean, process, change modelsBased on the conversations this year I had with both executives and lean six sigma black belts from at least four continents to identify specific challenges, below is a list of the top 15 areas/objectives I think you may want to consider in your Lean Six Sigma projects in 2013:

  1. Change Management and Change Models
  2. Leadership Engagement
  3. Driving Innovation
  4. Creating quick wins throughout the project
  5. Creating sustainable results
  6. Building organizational capacity
  7. Establishing trust throughout the organization
  8. Creating an environment of continuous learning, innovation and process improvement
  9. Generating noticeable results quickly, i.e. the wow factor
  10. Increasing personal satisfaction and contribution from all employees
  11. Increasing the return on all organizational assets
  12. Solving long lasting and persistent organizational problem
  13. Winning the hearts and minds of employees
  14. Getting the organization to focus on both short- and long-term objectives
  15. Increasing the return on investment from training so that training is not viewed as an expense but an investment.

What other areas/objectives would you consider in your next lean six sigma project?

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kyle toppazzini

Kyle Toppazzini is the president of Toppazzini and Lee (T&L) Consulting, and an international leader and consultant in lean Six Sigma. He publishes blogs and articles in Bloomberg Business Week, Digital Journal, Quality Digest Magazine and Social Media and is the author of the CFO Scorecard published in Exchange Magazine. (A global magazine produced by the Association of Financial Professionals). Kyle is currently working on a book that will bring new innovations in Lean Six Sigma and Quality Management.

Kyle is a six sigma master black belt and lean six sigma black belt receiving his training from the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College, a certified Balanced Scorecard Trainer, and a member of the Palladium Executive Group founded by David Norton founder of the Balanced Scorecard.

Kyle has conducted more than 30 performance and process improvement projects across the public and private organizations in government and health care yielding millions of dollars in cost savings and 80% improvement in performance.



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