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Health Care

The ability to achieve and sustain competitive performance in Health care requires a streamlined performance approach like Lean 6 Sigma

Health Care and Lean Six Sigma

The importance of Lean 6 Sigma methodology applications in healthcare cannot be underestimated. The healthcare industry has been faced with challenges, which range from workflow, managing costs of operations, accidents that result in errors in treatment, claims from treatment errors, as well as patients’ dissatisfaction. Patients are constantly demanding low cost healthcare services and improved diagnosis and treatment processes, such as less waiting time, quality surgery practices, and reduced stay in bed. Lean six sigma applications in healthcare virtually entail any process in the management and service delivery in the facilities.

Benefits of Lean Six Sigma for Health Care

Some of the known benefits for Health care from the application of Lean Six Sigma are as follows:

  1. Development of an effective healthcare workforce- Healthcare services can negatively be affected by the performance of the workforce. Employees
    in the healthcare system need to be involved in process improvement. This means active participation and accountability of the team in each of the healthcare processes. Healthcare providers can also be faced with the challenge of processing patients’ information in a timely manner, which in turn results to delays in diagnosis and treatment. Lean Six Sigma can be used to over come these challenges;
  2. Increased efficiency in healthcare delivery - The efficiency of workers in healthcare facilities determines the quality of service delivery process in hospitals. In large hospitals and healthcare facilities, some aspects that are at times overlooked can result to inefficiencies, which lead to financial loss and patients’ dissatisfaction. Lean 6 Sigma can result in more efficient shifts and scheduling of work tasks, optimization of worker variation, standardization, and optimization of the work space; and
  3. Minimize the cost of operations - Every healthcare facility, whether profit or not-for-profit organization, is always conscious
    about its expenses. There are many ways in which Lean 6 Sigma can reduce cost margins in hospitals, including:
    • Elimination of overstocking;
    • Increased cash flow;Decreases in the number of delinquent accounts;
    • Decreases in the number of claims due to surgical errors; and, Increase in Health Care revenues.

What T&L Offers?

T&L Offers the following for Lean and Lean Six Sigma Services for Healthcare providers:

  1. Lean and Lean Six Sigma Consulting
  2. Lean and Lean Six Sigma Outsourcing
  3. Lean and Lean Six Sigma Training

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