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Lean 6 Sigma Webinar

When considering to improve your organization's processes , have you heard, "WE DO NOT HAVE THE DATA FOR THIS, I guess we'll need to make an educated guess"? My response is "Why make a guess if we can CREATE the Data". But how?

We have developed and perfected a technique to collect thousands of observations related to time, quality, and cost in 30 days. We have successfully used this technique in many projects resulting in more than 10 million dollars in cost savings and upwards of 80% improvement in performance for our clients.


You can now learn this technique for $100(CAD). The first 10 people to register will pay $50 (CAD).  This fee includes all of the following:


   1. Two 90-minute webinars;
   2. An exercise to apply our technique that we will provide you feedback on;
   3. Complete set of procedures to replicate our technique;
   4. Communication material to explain to people how to complete the data collection forms;
   5. Forms and templates to adminster our process and analyze the data;

By the end of the webinar, you will have learned how to:


  1. Capture thousands of process observations in one month;
  2. Develop and administer data collection tools that are easy to use and require minimal additional time;
  3. Develop a random stratified sample;
  4. Use a process simulation model to produce activity based costing; and,
  5. Identify opportunities for your organization and/or clients.


Why take the unnecessary risks by guessing if you can have data-driven results for your process improvement project.

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