What gets Measured GETS DONE


Now you don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to report organizational performance from your Lean Six Sigma projects.

Finally an Affordable Lean Six Sigma Balanced Scorecarding (BSC) Solution

Organizations are realizing more and more the role and importance of timely and relevant performance information in making sound business decisions. Most organizations however do not require a Cadillac Solution when it comes to reporting performance information. Unfortunately most companies who want more visibility into their processes must pay a hefty price tag for an enterprise reporting solution.

This is where T&L Consulting is different. We offer customizable Lean Six Sigma performance reporting and Balanced Scorecard (BSC) solutions at a fraction of the cost that you would pay for enterprise reporting system.

Tap into T&L’s Lean Six Sigma knowledge base for as little as $3

T&L also offers valuable Lean Six Sigma products and resources at under $5 to help you get started implementing performance and process improvement initiatives that work.

Web Based Lean Six Sigma Scorecards

T&L develops web based Lean Six Sigma performance management reporting tools for less. Why pay for all the bells and whistles and software features that you will never use. AT T&L our client’s needs always come first and as result we offer a web based solution that is customizable to your specific requirements. The best part of our solution is that within days you will be developing your own web based scorecards. Click Here to Learn More.

T&L Lean Six Sigma Resources

Ever read a how to article and at the end of the article you find yourself saying so what can I do with this information. Most articles are written at such high level that you never really obtain any practical value from what is written. For under $5 you can receive practical tips on Lean Six Sigma and improving your organizational performance and processes through Lean and Lean Six Sigma. Many of the ideas presented in these articles can be implemented immediately within your organization. Click Here to Learn More.