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The Largest and Most Successful Organizations are Often the Ones Who Develop Crippling Process and Capacity Obstacles.  Lean Six Sigma can help.

Overview of Our Services

Toppazzini and Lee Consulting (T&L) offers the following services:

  1. Lean Six Sigma Consulting
  2. Lean Six Sigma Outsourcing
  3. Design for Six Sigma Consulting
  4. Lean Six Sigma Training
  5. Process and Performance Improvement
  6. Cost Effectiveness
  7. Cost Reduction and Optimization

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“Re-Discover the Fundamentals of Your Organizational Success –
it’s the T&L Consulting Guarantee”

When organizations live in the past, they often turn processes on auto-pilot…such complacency leads to mediocrity and often disaster. Processes age…but few organizations monitor them to ensure efficiencies are being sustained, if they do, they’re often blinded by past success and the belief that what once worked will work again. But it won’t.

This is when T&L Consulting’s third-party Lean Six Sigma objectivity is essential. Our Lean Six Sigma analysis, development, and execution are a measurement of what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, how other companies are doing it, where your gaps are, and how they can be effectively closed. We’ll show you what indicators will work best for your organization to ensure your processes are functioning at optimal levels…not just acceptable ones!

Does your organization require half a dozen or more individuals to approve a one-page letter or document? Does it take days or weeks to accomplish relatively mundane tasks? How many jokes, or complaints, do you hear daily that relate to office processes?

These are all indicators that your organization is suffering from process overload. The damage caused by your processes can be stopped and reversed.

T&L Consulting is not the oldest or largest firm in the National Capital Region, but in the eyes of our clients, the services we provide make us the most formidable. Our process-based services are often the key starting point for both private- and public- sector organizations. Call T&L Consulting today for your No Risk Consultation and allow us to unleash the potential you never knew was there – 613-680-4333.

“Increase Your Organization’s Performance Through More Efficient and Effective Processes.”

No matter how efficient and effective your organization is running, if the underlying processes are not performing as they should,how can your organizational ever reach it’s true potential? For most organizations, it is a mystery in knowing their true potential. Why? The root of most organizational performance problems stems from a process issue. If you never address the root of the problem, how can you ever reach your best performance?

T&L Consulting helps organizations develop and implement lean six sigma and other business solutions that are simple, effective and efficient. How do we do it? Read on…

Process Design, Re-Design and Optimization – Rising costs, over-budget, not meeting your service commitments, are these issues that keep you up at night? It is estimated that 30% of all revenue earned is wasted on unproductive activities. Whether your goal is to streamline your process or do-more-with-less, T&L’s process design, re-design and optimization services can help you quickly improve your process performance. A 100% increase in productivity or a 80% reduction in processing times is no longer a pipe dream with T&L, it is a reality. Click here for more details.

Benchmarking – The practice of comparing processes and performances including cost, quality and productivity to a best practice model. T&L Consulting’s benchmarking service provides an organizational snapshot of your performance to help you understand where you are in relation to the selected best practice standard. This exercise will give you a better understanding of your real strengths and weaknesses, as well as pinpoint what improvements should be adopted to increase your performance. Click here for more details.

Scorecarding – Do you need an interpreter to tell you what all those reports mean? T&L Consulting’s unique scorecarding/performance reporting is one of many tools we offer to help you conserve your most precious commodity…time. Our performance scorecarding is designed specifically for each client, providing you with trustworthy “at a glance” reporting with which you can make relevant and effective decisions. Click here for more details.

Activity Based Costing – A costing model is used to identify and examine organizational activities, as well as assigning costs and resource implications to each activity. T&L Consulting will show you the true cost of your organizations individual activities, products or services. We’ll help you streamline processes to reduce costs or resource drag and develop strategies to optimize your returns without sacrificing services. Click here for more details.

Cost-effectiveness assessment – T&L analyzes your day-to-day pressures and the way in which your organization responds. We look at resource allocation and utilization, prioritization, adaptability and the efficiency of your processes to name a few. This analysis provides us with the ability to objectively determine the “quality of life” of your organization. Click here for more details.

Lean Six Sigma Consulting - Looking for a proven method to reduce costs, improve the quality and the time to develop your products and deliver your services, than you may want to consider speaking to us about our Lean Six Sigma consulting services. Click here for more details.

Lean Six Sigma Outsourcing - Do you have a lean Six Sigma project but do not have a Lean Six Sigma resource? You may want to consider our Lean Six Sigma Outsourcing Services. Click here for more details.

Click here to book your Free Consultation and discover the real heights to which your organization can soar.

“Optimizing Capacity is the Most Efficient Way to Improve Your Organization.”

Capacity building is much more than just training. For organizations, capacity building can relate to a multitude of operational fundamentals: improved governance, leadership, mission and strategy, administration, program & policy development and implementation, cost vs. revenue identification, income generating, diversity, collaborative opportunities and/or necessities, structural and operational evaluations, marketing, positioning, planning, etc.

T&L Consulting continues to champion capacity building as a means for every organization to function better. Our provenmodel is based on 3 key pillars of structural re-design which will allow you to increase organizational capacities.

Assessment – A critical examination of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses – What are your limitations, what are the expectations, are the expectations flexible, what are the causes and effects of workload slowdowns, where are your gaps, and much more.

Strategic design or re-design – Increasing capacity often requires an open mind. You and your staff may be asked to change the way your organization functions, often at very ingrained operational levels. Therefore, your strategic design will focus on closing gaps efficiently and effectively. Your staff must learn, and be motivated, to keep those gaps closed and prevent new ones from popping up. We will address your ability to do things better, without increasing resources, human or financial.

Deployment –Your structural model will include contingencies and multiple fail safes to ensure that when we launch, it’s done in controlled incremental stages. Many organizations go too fast, changing every process or procedure at once. You can imagine the chaos when nobody knows the correct protocols. In these instances, the big picture is often so enormous that it can require an uncomfortable level of trust from our clients. That’s why we provide individual guarantees for every client.

If you think your organization could benefit from increased capacity but are afraid of where to start…give us a call and book your Free Consultation. The faster we start the discussion, the faster you can achieve your REAL potential – 613-680-4333.