Cost Effectiveness

Discover How T&L Consulting’s Cost Effectiveness Strategies Build Capacity and Increase Productivity.

“Doing More with Less is not a Pipe Dream… it’s the T&L Consulting Guarantee.”

Cost effectiveness analysis is the practice of comparing cost or resource expenditures to outcomes.

Many of our competitors don’t offer cost effectiveness services, neither analysis nor strategic planning. It’s too time consuming and it’s often very challenging. Instead, many of them offer a similar sounding service known as cost-benefit analysis. Don’t be fooled…they may sound the same, but these two services have vastly different objectives.

“Destroying the Status Quo is Your First Step to Unleashing Organizational Prosperity.”

Typically, the objective of cost-benefit analysis is to sustain an existing standard of service. In other words, cost-benefit analysis is not designed to improve your organization. If you think your organization has no room for improvement…then this service is for you.

Do you have loftier goals? Read on…

Cost-effectiveness services are designed to improve your organization operationally, structurally and strategically. T&L Consulting could help you sustain your level of performance…but improving it, is much more satisfying.

T&L Consulting will train and motivate you and your colleagues to perform better, faster and more efficiently, while also ensuring you have the capacity and knowledge to sustain your new levels of performance. We guarantee that once your organization implements our cost-effectiveness strategies, you’ll begin to see an increase in capacity, output and productivity.

“Set Your Sights Higher, Much Higher…”

The objective of cost-effectiveness services is to analyze your day-to-day pressures and the way in which your organization responds. We look at resource allocation and utilization, prioritization adaptability and the efficiency of your processes to name a few. This analysis provides us with the ability to objectively determine the “quality of life” of your organization. After the analysis process is complete, we’ll sit with you to discuss the real status of your organization and compare your vision with ours.

Formulating a unique plan of “attack” for your organization is the next step. It’s here where we pinpoint your potential and identify the path by which you’ll get there. Our strategies will decrease costs, improve cost effectiveness, enhance productivity, streamline resource utilization and increase capacity…Some of our clients have been able to implement our strategies and reduce work effort by more than 50% while maintaining or exceeding previous outputs!

Our cost effectiveness services include:

  1. Operational Reviews;
  2. Activity-Based Costing;
  3. Financial Risk assessments; and
  4. Cost Effectiveness strategy development and implementation.

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