Lean Six Sigma Outsourcing

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Lean Six Sigma Consulting

Lean Six Sigma is a proven process improvement framework that results in better processing time and quality at a lower cost.  This framework maximizes value while eliminating waste and improving process capabilities and focuses on change management and sustainability.

Why Toppazzini and Lee Consulting?

Toppazzini and Lee Consulting are true innovators in Lean Six Sigma.  The reason that the largest companies all over the world come and read our articles daily is because we understand what is required to implement sustainable change across an organization. 

Our consultants know how to navigate effectively at all levels of an organization and bring about the partnerships, synergies and changes that are required for Lean Six Sigma projects to be successful.

Toppazzini and Lee has a team of 55 Lean and Lean Six Sigma consultants with experience across 12 industries and are dispursed around the world. Our global network can service clients around the world and, with our collaborative tools, can work closely and effectively with other consultants who are located in other countries.


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Selected Lean Six Sigma Testimonies and Case Studies

Selected Testimonies

  1. “Kyle identified over $2M in process improvements for two major order-to-cash processes. Kyle aligned these improvements to new corporate strategies and helped develop the business case to have these improvements implemented. Kyle is innovative, driven to produce high quality results, and has proven to be an excellent investment.”
  2. Working with Kyle was incredibly valuable as he provided an "outsider's" perspective on our business. T&L Consulting (through Kyle) picked apart our processes and challenged our usual way of doing things. Because of this, we looked hard at our long-held beliefs about how we should operate and realized there are fresh, new options available. Undoubtedly, as we implement the changes Kyle recommended, we will realize significant cost and staff-time savings and we will be much more focused and measured in how we operate. Overall, Kyle was very professional and thorough. I would say he is a true expert in the areas of process improvement and efficiencies.


Selected Lean Six Sigma Case Studies

 Lean Six Sigma Case Study

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Secrets to Sustaining Lean Six Sigma 

T&L understands what is required to sustain lean six sigma over the long run and that is why organizations like working with us.  Below are a list of fifteen elements that are required to make Lean Six Sigma sustainable.

  1. Make Lean Six Sigma less about projects and more about a way of operating and working;
  2. Make education and communication a key priority when implementing Lean Six Sigma;
  3. Modify job descriptions to better reflect the Lean Six Sigma focus and requirements;
  4. Implement process owner and process manager model;
  5. Integrate Lean Six Sigma with your strategic, business, operating, and human resource plans;
  6. Focus less on “belts” and more on operational excellence;
  7. Align compensation and recognition (monetary and non-monetary) with the Lean Six Sigma objectives;
  8. Make Lean six Sigma simple and easy to understand;
  9. Make Lean Six Sigma Town Hall and Leadership Summits as part of your regular organizational activities. These are forums for sharing best practices and new innovations;
  10. Make continuous improvement a part of everyone’s performance and training;
  11. Make your Lean Six Sigma organization an undeniable success;
  12. Make your organization as the “employer of choice” because of the way you have implemented Lean Six Sigma;
  13. Give all employees the tools they need to be able to demonstrate (ideally through quantitative and qualitative measures) the positive contributions they made to the organization, its employees, customers, stakeholders etc;
  14. Make celebrating success a priority; and
  15. Cultivate an organization of learning, improvement, and innovation.


Lean Six Sigma Framework     

Lean Six Sigma Framework

Toppazzini and Lee Consulting (T&L) follows the traditional Lean 6 Sigma (LSS) framework in our consulting engagements, and customizes every project to meet its specific needs and maximize performance improvement. T&L, in collaboration with you and your staff, will conduct the five-stage process (for existing processes) and is as follows:

  1. DEFINE – During the Define phase, a T&L Lean Six Sigma consultant will work with you to help developing a customized plan tailored to your specific situation and your organizational culture. T&L utilizes LSS and change management to ensure maximum performance improvement to your organization.  Our consultant will determine the best approach to achieve your objectives.

  2. MEASURE – During the Measurement phase, T&L will map and develop data collection plan to measure the processes.   T&L will use Lean 6 Sigma tools to help your organization identifying how your processes compares to the "ideal" situation and how the process compares to key performance measures.  We will also collectively create a value stream map, identify non-value added tasks, waste, inefficiencies, and defects in your processes.     

  3. ANALYZE – In the Analysis phase, we, in conjunction with your staff, will use Lean Six Sigma methods to identify and prioritize the root causes of your process problems and conduct an efficiency analysis to determine the underlying process issues.  

  4. IMPROVE – In the Improve phase, T&L and your employees will collectively identify the new and improved process.  T&L utilizes process simulation and process modeling in the construction of a new process in order to determine the most efficient and effective to-be process.  Unlike most Lean Six Sigma engagement, T&L also assists in designing the necessary organizational structure/program to support the new processes. In addition, T&L will assist in evaluating the proposed solution, refining the business case, designing, launching and evaluating a pilot.  We will also identify risks and countermeasures, developing the implementation plan, the communication and change management plan, as well as the training plan. At the end of this phase we will ensure that the new and improved process yeilds maximum performance improvement for your organization.

  5. CONTROL – During this last phase, control mechanisms are put in place to ensure that the benefits from the project are realized.  Before the project is implemented, T&L will work with your team to ensure that the new process is mistake-proof, as well as the key performance measurement framework, scorecards and operational reports are in place to monitor the process.  We will ensure that standard operating procedures are developed, the process specifications document is complete and the new process is ready to be handed over to the process owner.