Lean Six Sigma Outsourcing

Lean Six Sigma and Lean outsourcing can provide significant benefits, such as cost savings, transfer of fixed to variable costs,access to skills, talent, niche expertise, technology and infrastructure, and process improvement.

Lean Six Sigma and Lean Outsourcing Service

Not all organizations need a full-time Lean Six Sigma specialist on staff at all times. Toppazzini and Lee Consulting have a global network of experienced Lean Sigma resources that are ready to assist you on an as-needed basis.  Our Lean Six Sigma outsourcing practice enables you to 1) save money, 2) access our network of best practices, 3) access training and coaching when required,4) receive third party independent advice and , 5) dramtically improve your process.


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Profile of our Lean Six Sigma and Lean Specialists


Currently we have fifty-five Lean and Lean Six Sigma resources located throughout Canada, US, Europe, India and ChinaThe map below gives a visual representation of approximately where our resources our located. The yellow stars represent the approximate location of our resources.  We are however, able to provide outsourcing services to most areas around the world.

Lean Six Sigma, Leam. Six Sigma, Resource Map


Examples of Companies our Lean Six Sigma Resources Have Worked With

Our master, black and green belt lean and lean six sigma resources have worked with such companies as:

  • Dyntech;
  • IBM;
  • HSBC and Deutche Bank;
  • General Electric;
  • Research In Motion;
  • Davis and Henderson;
  • Shell and Husky Oil;
  • Caterpillar;
  • Rolls Royce, Toyota, General Motors and Ford;
  • Good Year Tires;
  • Kraft;
  • Government Organizations, hospitas and labratories all over the world;


Industries our Lean Six Sigma Resources have experience in

Our master, black and green belt resources have experience in all aspects of Lean Six Sigma, including Lean Manufacturing, Lean Six Sigma for Service, Lean Health Care etc.  Our resources have extensive experience in the following twelve industries.

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Benefits you can expect from outsourcing of Lean and Lean Six Sigma Resources

T&L has seasoned consultants with a wide range of experiences and as result you can expect the following benefits:

  1. Cost savings – There are many ways in which you will realize cost savings through our Lean Six Sigma outsourcing service.
    • First, our consultants have extensive experience and are fully productive from day one;
    • Second, all consultants' projects are fully documented and securely held within our network.  If you are unable to obtain the same consultant as in your first project, another consultant is able to become well versed on your requirements before working with you.  For you, this avoids the normal costs related to turnover and training; and
    • Third, you do not have to carry the operating costs when there is no work for the Lean Six Sigma consultant.    
  2. Best Practices – With our in-house infrastructure, each of our consultants has access to other Lean Six Sigma consultants in our company.  This enables our consultants to draw on a wealth of best practices that a regular employee you hire would simply not have access to.
  3. Objectivity – Your objectives and satisfactions are the main focus of our consultants.  Employees often become too involved with projects and are simply unable to provide an objective point of view.  Our consultants understand their role is temporary and thus have no vested interest in anything other than your success.