Process and Performance Improvement

Improve Your Organizational Batting Average by Reviewing and Redesigning Inefficient Processes and Procedures…

“Just as Better Body Mechanics can Improve an Athlete’s Ball Hitting Process, Your Team’s Performance will also Benefit from Operational Revitalization.”

Whether it’s an athlete or a corporation, the concept of performance improvement is applicable to both individual and organizational execution.

T&L Consulting’s process and performance improvement services will assess your current level of process performance using our lean six sigma review strategies uncovering bottle necks, non value-added tasks, and process inefficiencies.

Most organizations stumble into the process danger zone without ever realizing it. This is the practice of repetition and duplication based on the belief that what once worked will continue to do so. However, time is an animal that never stops moving forward, if you haven’t been keeping pace, you’re likely further behind than you thought. It’s not too late…

The primary goals of process and performance improvement are to increase your organizational effectiveness and efficiency…enhancing ability and capacity via the analysis of processes and procedures in relation to recognized best practice methods and your organizational potential.

What is your potential…

“Measuring Performance is Achieved Through the Study of Effort Expended Versus Results Attained.”

The T&L Consulting’s approach to improving an organization’s performance is a 5-step process:

  1. Lean Six Sigma quality assessment
  2. Process mapping, transformation, design, re-design and optimization
  3. Performance measurement, analysis and reporting
  4. Benchmarking and target setting
  5. Operational improvement training, mentoring and capacity building

Our proven method of structural analysis, breakdown and reconstruction will alleviate cumbersome input requirements, minimize time and resource utilization, improve your outputs and enhance the overall desired outcome.

“The Measurement of Our Success, is Your Success.”

T&L Consulting guarantees to open the window to your greater prosperity. Whether you’re a senior manager in the public sector or an owner of a mid-level local business, we will help you accomplish a better working place.

The by-product of improved performance is increased capacity and effectiveness…and that leads to motivated employees, manageable workload, less protocol driven red tape, and more streamlined and understandable policies and processes.

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