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Bringing Lean Six Sigma to the Next Level – Critical to the Enterprise

Critical to enterprise, lean six sigma, lean, six sigma, process improvement, fuse

In the Lean Six Sigma framework, we normally define what is called the critical-to characteristics or CTs.  CT is any feature or product that is important to the customer. However, in the FUSE framework, we are focused on finding the right guanxi (Chinese value for the right relationship). I believe that all relationships in the enterprise are on the critical path to maximizing an organization’s performance.  Think about what happens if we only look at what is important to the customer and ignore what is important to our leaders and employees.  Doing so may result in an organization having a difficult time delivering maximum value to its customers because employees don’t feel valued and, as a result, they do not perform at 100 percent of their potential.  What happens if we don't take into consideration the requirements of our partners or suppliers? We may find it a challenge to deliver great value to clients because the supply chain isn't optimized. 

New Paradigm in Lean Six Sigma

Fuse, Lean Six Sigma, Lean, Six Sigma

Before I had published my first book on Lean Six Sigma (Maximizing Lean Six Sigma Sustainability), I had begun work on a second book.  This book detailed a new approach to Lean Six Sigma called Formulate, Understand, Synthesize, and Execute (FUSE).  FUSE is an approach that enables organizations to maximize enterprise performance with the least amount of friction in order to continuously learn, improve, and innovate.

War and Peace in Lean Six Sigma and Business Transformation

Lean six sigma, change, transformation

How many of you have been through a Lean Six Sigma or business transformation where there was no internal fighting and/or conflict between employees and within management? My guess is that very few of you have. In any Lean Six Sigma project, company transformation or change initiative there is going to be times of love and times of war.

The Psychology of Organizational Change

Change management, change, leadership

Many of us may be familiar with change management models used in organizational change, including aspects such as:

Using Process Simulation to Expedite Lean Six Sigma Implementations

lean six sigma, lean, six sigma, process

One of the recurring themes I hear about from business executives is that Lean Six Sigma simply takes too long to implement.  Without senior management buy-in for an initiative such as Lean Six Sigma (LSS), implementing it is not only difficult, but also nearly impossible. What if there were an easier way to implement Lean Six Sigma that resulted in faster improvements and could engage the workforce better than do traditional methods?  I believe there is such a way, and it is through the use of process simulation.

You need help with your Lean Six Sigma project, and your boss is not listening: What should you do?

lean six sigma, lean, six sigma, process

In Lean Six Sigma, management support is critical to the success of your project.  The definition of management support, however, may be different between those charged with implementing Lean Six Sigma and the management team members who are required to support it.  The support that management can provide is to bring in a Lean Six Sigma expert to assist you with your project.  Sometimes, however, it is difficult to have a conversation with management to explain why you need outside assistance.  After all, it has likely invested a significant amount of money into Lean Six Sigma training.  The reality is that many Lean Six Sigma training courses teach students only the basics and do not adequately train people for what a transformation requires.  Here are some points you can make to your boss that could warm him or her up to the idea of bringing in outside help.

5 Great Ways to Make Lean Six Sigma Training More Effective

lean six sigam training, lean six sigam, lean, six sigma, training

It is not a surprise hearing people who have taken Lean Six Sigma training mention that these courses do not prepare students well enough for the realities of a Lean Six Sigma implementation.  You should not be alarmed to hear me say that learning the Lean Six Sigma framework, DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and control), and the tools used within the framework do not prepare students for competing priorities and change management issues that exist within most organizations. 

Phil and Ted's Lean Six Sigma Adventures-Better Lean Six Sigma Training ROI

Lean Six sigma training, lean six sigma, lean, six sigmaIn this episode Phil and Ted discuss how to use the train the trainer concept to maximize your training investment.

This is part of our regular lean six sigma video blogs that we will be providing along with our regular blogs.

What six-year-olds taught me about teaching Lean Six Sigma

lean six sigma, lean, six sigma, process, training

It may seem odd that children can teach us about learning Lean Six Sigma, but it may not seem so odd after you read this blog.

Phil and Ted's Lean Six Sigma Adventures-Teaching Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma, Lean, six Sigma, TrainingIn this episode Phil and Ted discuss a different way of teaching Lean Six Sigma. 

This is part of our regular lean six sigma video blogs that we will be providing along with our regular blogs.

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